Angular JS Development Trend In Direct Sales

| Rayner Smith in Technology
Angular JS

As an Executive in the Direct Sales industry, you know how much of your time is spent interfacing with your technology. From creating new, innovative programs that enhance the experience for your field to dealing with problem after problem associated with outdated, hard coded platforms. In either case, application development is not cheap and no […]

Managing Chargebacks

| Rayner Smith in Leadership

Dealing with chargebacks in the Direct Selling industry is inevitable. If you are a seasoned vet, you know this all too well. If you are new to the game, you will quickly learn. Just as in life, it is not what happens to you but instead how you handle the situation. Chargebacks are bad because […]

Former FTC Commissioner Overseeing Herbalife Compliance

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As a Direct Selling Executive, how much importance do you place on compliance? Don’t be quick to answer this question in defense, but instead ponder it. Do you desire to enforce more compliance on your field, but fear that such policing will anger your top performers? Maintaining this balance is a delicate one as you know, […]

5 Questions For Your Direct Sales Software Provider

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direct sales

From both my personal experiences in running Direct Sales Companies and in speaking with many other Direct Selling Executives, there is and always has been a particular pain point that relates to software provider relationships. If you have been around the block, this topic will ring true with you I’m sure. If you are just getting […]

Network Marketing Companies and Merchant Processing

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One of the greatest challenges for Network Marketing Executives is developing and managing an intelligent merchant processing strategy. Failure to do so could lead to catastrophic results because losing the ability to process credit cards cuts off cash flow and accordingly, the ability to pay commissions to your field. Not being able to pay timely […]

How We Benefit From Operating Virtually

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There are lots of reasons for a company to make the decision to operate in a virtual environment. Sure, it has its challenges, but in our opinion it is a far superior approach to building and running a successful company. Here’s why; 1. Happy Employees = Happy Clients At the end of the day, a […]

Our Employees Thrive In A Virtual Work Environment

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We asked our team to list tout why they love working from home. Some we could have guessed, some were a little surprising, but I think you can agree that they all add up to one thing… happiness. Kick the Gas Bill Not having to continuously pump expensive gas into your car leaves a lot […]

Challenges We Encounter From Our Virtual Work Environment

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Any work environment structure has its challenges. That is not to say that the benefits don’t heavily outweigh them, but adapting to a virtual work environment has its own unique set. 1. Working Too Hard It starts innocently enough. You wake up at 7:30 by opening your laptop in bed to answer a few work […]