Angular JS Development Trend In Direct Sales

As an Executive in the Direct Sales industry, you know how much of your time is spent interfacing with your technology. From creating new, innovative programs that enhance the experience for your field to dealing with problem after problem associated with outdated, hard coded platforms.

In either case, application development is not cheap and no doubt your P&L has a hefty line reflecting your investments in your technology. The reason Direct Sales companies have to spend so much on their application development is two fold:

  1. The Direct Sales industry is highly complex and accordingly requires complex technologies to facilitate scalable growth.
  1. Up until very recently, advancement in development technologies still made complex application development, well, very complex.

So as with any complicated and expensive issue you deal with, you work with what you have while you look for ways to simplify and increase efficiency. It’s crucial to keep your finger on the pulse of smart development trends to leverage in order to simplify your technical demands and thereby reduce your operational costs and increase your bottom line.

One of the newest and smartest developments in application development is from, you guessed it, Google. What they have done is created a framework that is lightning fast and easy to use (cheaper to deal with) and they call it Angular JS (JS stands for JavaScript by the way).

Lightning Fast

Angular JS is a UI framework, which facilitates lots of features, templates, filters, two-way data binding and more. The reason it is so fast is it only loads the information needed to provide a user the data they want to see. This reduces load times and makes it faster and lighter. Say for example in a distributor’s back office, when they want to drill deeper into their organizational chart, Angular JS will call and pull only the data needed to display the queried information.

Easy to Use = Cheaper to Deal With

An easy way to explain it is that HTML is much simpler than raw code. So simple that one doesn’t need to be a programmer to be familiar with HTML. Since Angular JS is all managed by HTML, this greatly reduces the ongoing need for expensive senior programmers. Another way to look at this is that it can elevate your senior developers from dealing with much of the ongoing responsibilities that keeps them from focusing on development projects that you never seem to get to.

A Word From Google

When InfoWorld asked Misko Hevery, Google’s founding co-author of Angular JS what was so special about it, he replied, “There’s a lot of Web frameworks out there. What’s unique about Angular is a couple of things. First of all, we have dependency injection, which is very unique. Nobody else has that. But I think that the thing that really hits it home for people is that we have this idea of a directive. Rather than writing everything inside of JavaScript and then having a bunch of templates to generate the UI, you write a lot of it in HTML and HTML drives the assembly of the application. It’s kind of the reverse thing. It’s very unique. Nobody else has this particular approach.”


I strongly encourage you to speak with your development resources, and see how you could benefit from leveraging the Angular JS framework. In the end, those that do will benefit from a streamlined infrastructure that reduces development costs and increases the overall performance of your application. Because Angular JS is based on the JavaSccript language, it is not difficult for your current JS resources to learn.

I would be remiss if I failed to note that Direct Sales Forge is the first Direct Sales Platform that has developed an Angular JS back office, and it is truly best in class.  I would be more than happy to show you how we have leveraged this technology to create the fastest and lightest back office in our industry.