An Industry Like No Other

As you know, today’s Network Marketing industry moves at a pace not known or understood by traditional business executives. From day one, a Direct Selling company must have a comprehensive and functional platform from which to grow. There is no time to take things slow because explosive growth can hide around any corner. If you are not ready to scale on every level, you could be doomed from the start. Your field expects progressive and real time tools in order to grow their distribution networks. Under-delivering on this expectation is not a risk you can afford to take.


We Have Been in Your Shoes

We understand your needs, from organizational moves to accounting integrations. Our team consists of talented individuals who have vast experience in Network Marketing Corporate operations. Our Executive Team includes a former Direct Selling CEO, COO, CIO, and CFO, so we understand your needs from nearly every perspective. It is our experiences and frustrations with other Direct Selling platforms on the market that led us to create Direct Sales Forge. We understand what it feels like to be forced to shape your business around your technology, and what a difference it makes when you can shape your technology around your vision.

Direct Sales is an art form we understand. 

We are ready to listen to your needs or existing constraints so we can show you the solutions our cloud platforms can provide.

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