Your Command Center

Customers - Direct Sales ForgeOur core administrative platform fuses all of its many tools into a central location for you to manage your operations. Your CMO will love the integrated email and texting tools. Your CFO will love the accounting software integrations and commission testing sandbox. Your COO will love the order and fulfillment tools as well as the CRM that empowers your support department to manage all aspects of your field’s requests. A happy executive team that can stop spending all of their time putting out fires can do amazing things for your corporate culture.

Do you have a complicated compensation plan? Maybe even a side by side coded unilevel with a sister binary running at the same time? Yeah, we do that.  We are fluent in just about every compensation structure, and if you come up with something we have never heard about, no worries. We are always up for listening to any new, innovative ideas you might have for your compensation plan.

Corporate Backoffice Key Features

Customer Management

  • Customer Service Interface to Manage all Customer/Agent Information
  • Send SMS (Text Messages) to Customers (requires purchase of SMS Credits)
  • Send Emails To Customers
  • Autoresponders
  • Activity Tracking
  • Analytics


  • Credit Card / E-Check Processing / Refunding
  • Recurring Billing Management
  • Manage Products / Services
  • Promotions /Discounts
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Tax Management
  • Order Fulfillment API


  • Sales Reports
  • Failed Recurring Order Processing
  • Commission Payment Reports
  • Referral Reports
  • Plus over 20 other reports

Commission Engine

  • Process Referral Commissions Real-Time and/or by Period
  • Commission Run Testing
  • Commission Payment Processing (requires Third Party Service for mailing / depositing funds)

Compensation Plan Structures


  • Binary
  • Unilevel
  • Matrix
  • Party Plan
  • Coding Groups
  • 2-Up
  • Hybrids
  • Stairstep Breakaway
  • Generational
  • Custom Designs

Fusion Command Center Modules

  • Auto-Ship – Manage recurring orders for new and existing clients
  • Bonus Engine – Manage and payout all standard and promotional bonuses
  • Calendar – Interact with your fields’ calendars to keep them in the loop
  • Commission Processing – Run your own commissions, even test them first
  • Customer Management – Create, update and manage all customer aspects
  • Email Messaging – Communicate and alert your field with html or text emails
  • Events – Convenient event ticket purchasing and core metric attendant reporting
  • Inventory Management – Create or modify inventory information and descriptions
  • Lead Management – Provide sales opportunities to your organization
  • Promotion Engine – Easily promote your distributors to higher earning positions
  • Replicated Website Management – Manual and automatic settings
  • Reporting – Enjoy our comprehensive reporting metrics, or create your own
  • Shipping Fulfillment – Fulfill yourself or outsource and integrate
  • SMS Messaging – Communicate and alert your field with text messaging
  • Tree Movements – Finally be able to facilitate structure movements



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