The Possibilities are Endless

Renew Success CenterYour company is only going to be as successful as your field, so make sure you give them the most advanced tools in the industry. Give them the clarity of real time commission reporting so they can stop spending time wondering whether or not they will get paid on their efforts. Better yet, show them exactly what stands between their next bonus or promotion so they can spend their time doing exactly what they need to reach and exceed their goals.

Let your distributors see their genealogy in new and innovative ways so they can easily view the performance metrics of their team members and be an effective leader. In a nutshell, see for yourself the difference it makes when you exceed the expectations of your field. This allows them to focus on their success instead of the shortcomings of the tools you provide them.

Keep Your Field On The Go

As an Executive, you already know how important providing a virtual office is to your field.  What might blow your mind is the analytical data of how your field is accessing the tools that you provide them. Did you know that…

  • As of February 2014, mobile internet usage exceeded PC internet usage,
  • 116 million Americans own smartphones,
  • In the first quarter of 2014, Apple alone sold an estimated 19.3 million iPads

In short, your Back Office that you provide your field is being accessed by mobile devices more than it is through desktops and laptops. That is why our Fusion Virtual Office is completely mobile responsive and adaptable to any screen size on any device. To offer anything short would be doing a disservice to you as our client.

Free Your Data

One of the most progressive features of our offering is that we share with you the source code of our Fusion Virtual Office. We do this so that you are not tethered to our support services going forward. As your company matures, you will no doubt reach a point where you establish an internal IT department, and we want to empower you instead of stand in your way.

Don’t worry, we are here to offer white glove support for as long as you like, but you can rest well knowing that you won’t ever outgrow our Fusion Platform. Are you shopping other Platforms? Try this out… ask our competitors if they will share their Back Office source code with you, with no strings attached. Let us know what they say.

Distributor Backoffice Features

  • Distributor/Consultant Sponsoring
  • Genealogy Reports
  • Online Ordering
  • AutoShip Management
  • Customer Orders
  • Check Register Reports
  • Commission Statements

  • Real-time Volumes
  • Order Tracking
  • Profile Management
  • Graphical Downlines
  • Robust Web-based Interface
  • Mobile Web Application
  • Alerts to Increase Sales and Retention

Let’s talk about empowering your field. 

Give us the opportunity to show you the most advanced back office in the industry, and let’s talk about how it can change the face of your business. 

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